Upcoming Events for July 2015

Annual Deacon and Deaconess Day! Sunday, July 19th . The guest preacher will be the Rev. Nathaniel Pennybaker from the Tri-Stone Baptist Church. Come and be blessed!

2nd Annual MOBC Fun Fest! Saturday, 25th from 12 noon- 3pm. Come and have a fun and blessed time with face painting, food, coloring pages and more! The Missionary circle and Education Committee is hosting. We hope to see you there!

Sunday 26th, the child of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, will have an active role in the Sunday service! Please come to church service on “Youth Sunday” in July, to support and be blessed by our children!

Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Sharpsburg



 A long standing spiritual institution in Sharpsburg, soon to be celebrating 123 years in the community, the church is located at 1020 Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA 15215-2438 Contact no.(412) 781-5554. 


Rev. Curtis M. Jones Sr.-- PASTOR

Min. Esther Sloan-- Associate Minister

Rev. Wilmer Crisp-- Associate Minister



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Mt. Olive Baptist Church